If you had an abortion and are struggling to find emotional healing, there is hope.

Here are a few ways to navigate your emotions as you go through the healing process.

1. Find Community

Whenever you are ready, share your feelings and talk about your experience with others who will understand what you are experiencing. At Conquerors, we have been where you are and are ready to come alongside you as you seek healing. You are not alone. There is hope.

2. Identify Your Feelings

Through the Conquerors program, you will work through common feelings that can occur after an abortion. Guilt, shame, grief, and anger are just a few feelings that many individuals struggle with.

3. Work Towards Forgiveness

Do you need to forgive anyone after the abortion experience? Were you pressured or coerced? Are you mad at yourself for your choices?

Forgiveness is a healthy way to move forward. It’s the conscious decision to release negative feelings towards someone, whether or not that person deserves it—and it comes with added health benefits. It can lower your levels of anxiety and depression, lessen stress, improve your sleep, and much more.

Where Can You Find Help After Abortion?

We provide a Christian post-abortion healing program called Conquerors.

Conquerors provides one-on-one mentoring and group sessions with experienced leaders who understand the struggle and are here to support you.

Please don’t suffer in silence. Contact us today.