Abortion can have a substantial impact on your mental health, which deserves careful attention.  If you are grappling with the aftermath of an abortion, it's essential that you know there are practical steps that you can take to find hope and healing.

Acknowledge Your Feelings

No matter what emotions you are experiencing, whether it’s relief, guilt, shame, loss, or something else, allow yourself to feel them instead of suppressing them. There is a freedom that comes with voicing how you feel, and that is the first step towards moving forward.

Share with a Trusted Friend

One of the most complex parts of post-abortion stress is feeling that you are alone in your experience. Opening up about your emotions can provide much-needed support.

Practice Self-Awareness

For some people, this is a traumatic experience and has the potential to trigger emotional responses. Avoid isolating yourself. While it’s normal to want alone time to process your thoughts, closing yourself off can lead to even more negative thoughts.

Seek Help

Abortion can have emotional impacts that could start immediately after an abortion or decades later. At First Care, we offer a free support group program called Conquerors, led by other women who have previously experienced abortion. Whether you prefer a group setting or individual mentoring, this is an excellent first step in your healing journey.

You are not alone. Contact us today to learn more!