Are you experiencing feelings of grief, regret, shame, depression, or anxiety after having an abortion? If so, you’re not alone.

A recent report looking into the mental health effects of abortion found that abortion can negatively impact a woman’s mental health and cause increased risk for anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other symptoms.

If you’re struggling after an abortion, healing is possible, and sharing your post-abortion story with other women can help you take the first step toward hope.

This article will highlight steps you can take to share your story and move toward emotional recovery after an abortion. If you’re looking for a safe and confidential place to talk about what you’re going through, contact Conquerors today to connect with one of our caring team members.

The Importance of Sharing Your Story

Experiencing difficult emotions after trauma is normal, and you may sometimes be tempted to hold these emotions inside rather than to face them. However, like a soda bottle that’s been shaken up, your emotions can build pressure and threaten to explode.

When you share your story, you provide a release valve for your emotions. This helps your feelings to become more manageable and allows you to work through them more easily. It also helps you to connect with other people who understand what you’re going through and realize you’re not alone.

Preparing to Share Your Story

The idea of sharing your abortion story might feel terrifying. Maybe you’re worried about how other people will react, or maybe you’re worried about how you will respond emotionally once you get your feelings out in the open. Asking yourself the following questions beforehand can help:

  • What emotion have I been struggling with most since the abortion?
  • Does anything make these feelings better or worse?
  • What might healing look like for me?

Share Your Story at Conquerors

We offer a free program called Conquerers. This nine-week support group is designed to provide a safe, welcoming space for women to work towards healing and share their stories after experiencing the trauma of abortion.

Contact us today to learn more. We’re here for you. Hope and healing are possible.