Who leads the support groups and mentoring programs?
The facilitators for our programs are those who have experienced at least one abortion and have participated in a post abortion healing program.  Also, they have completed the Facilitator training and maintain continuing education on the topics of abortion and healing.

What is the curriculum like?
The curriculum was created in 1985, by Jeannette Vought, PhD., a licensed therapist and the Executive Director of New Life Family Services at that time.  She wrote the book “Post Abortion Trauma – Nine Steps to Healing”.  The support group program is based on this book, including both Biblical and psychological principles.  The group spans 9 weeks, plus two special event sessions.

Where are the groups held?
The groups are held at locations, churches, and virtually in the Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN communities as well as Rochester based on need.  Meeting spaces are private to insure confidentiality.

When are the next groups?
Learn more about our upcoming groups. Virtual groups are available as well.

How much does it cost?
The tuition for the Conquerors support group is $25. We never like the cost to be a hurdle for anyone in seeking healing, so we do provide scholarships to meet the needs of anyone desiring to participate in our groups.

How many are in a group?
Most groups are 4-6 participants. We have found this size group allows for sharing and enables our facilitators to support the participants fully as they go through the group process.

How do I register for a group?
Please send an email to Coordinator@ConquerorsAfterAbortion.org  or call us at 612-746-5639 to set up a registration meeting time. We like to get to know you prior to the group sessions, so a one-on-one meeting with our staff in one of our office locations or virtually is required for registration. This allows the participants to get their questions fully answered and prepare them for the start of the Conquerors group.

May I join a group that has already started?
No, these are closed groups.  The Conquerors program works through the sharing and relationships built within the small group.  Also, the curriculum is made up of nine steps, where each week builds upon the prior week.  Attendance is required at every session to ensure the participants receive the full benefit of their program participation.

Is the Conquerors curriculum available for use at my ministry or pregnancy center?
Yes!  Please contact us to learn more about how to get started.  Email Coordinator@ConquerorsAfterAbortion.org.  or call us at 612-746-5639.